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A couple of days ago I gave notice, and as soon as I’ve finished wrapping up everything in my current position I’ll be free again and looking for new challenges and experiences.

For the time being I’m NOT looking for any permanent position. First I want to do dedicate my time to some projects - my own or OSS - and do some intensive learning. It’s been a while since I did both. When I feel I made the most out of this period I’ll start weighting my options.

Because I’m basically unemployed, and because I really enjoy dropping in to help other projects and companies, I’ll be allowing some time to do consulting and software development contracts.

Who am I?

Author of RavenDB in Action published by Manning, I was a core developer of RavenDB for a while and a long time Lucene expert. I'm an Apache Lucene.NET committer, CLucene veteran, and Elasticsearch savant.

I've been speaking in local user groups and international conferences for a while now, and doing a lot of consultancy and code-for-hire work world-wide. I've also co-authored and delivered the official RavenDB workshop several times, and I now deliver a real-world search course in London a few times a year.

I do search engines, databases and software architecture, and I enjoy that very much. I'm a fast learner, and I'm never afraid of going into dark code corners or getting out of my comfort zone.

I’m available for short-term contracts

Most of my time in the next couple of months I’m going to dedicate to learning and working on personal projects, but I have availability for consultancy and short-term contracts world-wide (ranging from a few days to several weeks).

I’m happy to hop on every interesting project whether it is something well in my comfort zone (Lucene, web applications, RavenDB, Elasticsearch, architecture) but especially if it isn’t. I’m a curious developer and a fast learner, and will definitely enjoy learning new stuff. Remote work or on-site are both possible.

I already secured a few gigs, but still have availability starting February. If you’re interested let’s talk. Ping me by email (itamar at this domain) or Skype (itamarsyn). If I didn’t respond to your request, I haven’t got it!

My plans for the near future

I have a few projects of my own I want to dedicate some time to, and its been a while since I did OSS work so I plan to do this as well. Lucene.NET can definitely use some love towards a v4 release, as well as other projects I maintain like HebMorph and NAppUpdate. I’ve always enjoyed working on OSS projects, and this is my chance to have some fun again.

I also plan to do a whole lot of learning. Mastering functional programming and Machine Learning have long been on my list, and its time to do this. I expect to be blogging quite a bit as I progress in my learning.

Permanent position

I will only start looking for a permanent position in a couple of months. Nevertheless, I’m interested in hearing about opportunities.

I don’t know yet what type of job I will be looking for, but I do know it needs to be technically challenging and solve an interesting problem. I do look for doing things which are far from my comfort zone.


  • Ron Carter and Misha Tatinets

    Hello Itamar ,

    My partner and I see you on Google Groups/Elasticsearch all the time. You seem very knowledgeable.

    I’m wondering if you could look at this topic and provide any pointers


    We tried Elasticsearch support but price is way beyond our budget. If you can provide a solution we would certainly pay a modest amount for your help.


    Misha Tatinets and Ron Carter

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