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Logging makes perfect - real-world monitoring and visualizations with Riemann, Elasticsearch and friends (video)

A talk I gave recently about our real-time system monitoring facilities at Forter is now available to watch online. The talk description and video are both below.

How to keep a real-time, low-latency and high-stakes system up and running and well-monitored? how to investigate failure cases as they h...

Creating a documentation system - Part 1

5 min read
A while ago we started revamping the documentation of RavenDB. The work on that resulted in quite a nice documentation system that will be described in general in this post, and more posts will follow as we make more progress and introduce new features to it. For some time now it was clear that much...

Some words on HebMorph's licensing

5 min read
Without being a lawyer, and trying real hard not to become one, it is not easy to be an author of an open-source project. Apparently it takes quite a lot of thought, and definitely a lot of reading, to make sure the code you release has an appropriate license that specifies your intent correctly. If...

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