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The Hebrew calendar explained

9 min read

This post was triggered by Jon Skeet's tweet about adding Hebrew calendar support to NodaTime. Jon complained that because the hour and day lengths change all the time in the Hebrew calendar, it requires some fundamental changes to NodaTime's inner workings.

Well Jon, I think you can save yourself t...

Google, cluster management and the red pill

2 min read

I was referred to the following video by a friend, and it completely blew my mind. It got my attention at the beginning when the speaker, ex-HP researcher, said joining Google was like taking the red pill:

To me, there are two types of infrastructures - those who manage their servers manually, and ...

Single point of failure

4 min read
September 1st, 1983. Korean Airlines flight 007 from New York City to Seoul disappeared a couple of hours after take-off. Only later was it discovered that the plane deviated from its original route; instead of flying through air corridor R-20, it entered Soviet airspace and was shot down by a Sovie...

WMS: Rethinking our need for CMS

5 min read
Traditionally, Content Management Systems are about Content. Whenever Data that is not simply a content page was going to be persisted in a CMS, you'd somehow fit it in a Content entity, keeping the thought process always at "how would it look to the end user", never treating it as actual data. Sure...

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