First official public Beta release of Lucene.NET 4.8!

We are very pleased to announce the official public BETA release of Lucene.Net 4.8.0!


Lucene.Net is a port of the Java Lucene search engine library, written in C# and targeted at .NET users. Lucene.NET makes it easy to add full-text search capabilities, as well as geo-spatial search, faceting and many more features that are part of any modern application handling unstructured, textual data.

And now it also supports .NET Core!

This is a significant milestone as well as a significant design change from Lucene.Net 3.0.3. Since there are more than 350,000 executable lines of code (well over 900,000 lines of text), it has taken our team over 2½ years to port it from Java. This major version update is a culmination of the efforts of several people, and we truly want to thank everyone involved for your much needed help!

That said, we are not completely stable yet, and we need volunteers to help us get over the finish line. If you are a user of Lucene.NET, you are very encouraged to upgrade. The API has changed a bit but most of the pieces are working the same way as you a...

Elasticsearch training courses

I've got a few training courses - hand-on worshops rather - on Elasticsearch and the ELK stack coming up, so I thought it'd be a good idea to blog about them and spread the word out.

Interested in a training near you or in your company? feel free to reach out, or check my [Elasticsearch consultan...

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