Why you shouldn't use AWS Elasticsearch Service

Elasticsearch is very widely used today for text and geospatial search, real-time BI dashboards and log analysis. While it is tempting to use a managed Elasticsearch cloud service instead of running your own cluster on your own machines, Amazon's Elasticsearch Service is a bad choice, as bad as it gets in fact, and here is why.

This summary post is based on experience with quite a few customers over the course of the past months, all companies I've worked with felt the same pains and moved away from it shortly after hitting some or all of the below points. I listed alternatives in the end of this post.

Not adhering to Elasticsearch best practices

AWS opted for creating a hosted Elasticsearch offering but it seems like they are lacking important know-how and real-world experience, as many of their decisions around the service just don't make sense.

  1. Invalid number of master nodes. AWS ES allows you to request dedicated master nodes for your cluster. For any cluster of a non-trivial size that is important to have. However, in the drop-down for picking the number of master nodes to provision you will also find the completely invalid option of 2 master nodes. Thi...

Elasticsearch training courses

I've got a few training courses - hand-on worshops rather - on Elasticsearch and the ELK stack coming up, so I thought it'd be a good idea to blog about them and spread the word out.

Interested in a training near you or in your company? feel free to reach out, or check my [Elasticsearch consultan...

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