This blog is maintained by Itamar Syn-Hershko (contact: itamar at this domain).

Itamar Syn-Hershko, a frequent open-source contributor in general and an Apache Lucene.NET committer in particular, has been a core developer for RavenDB and is the author of “RavenDB in Action” published by Manning. Today he leads a team at Buzzilla, where they build a scalable search system and market research tools.

I'm a search engines, databases and architecture expert. I really enjoy fiddling with data, texts especially, so I frequently finds myself working on databases or search engines. Or combining both.

Among the various open-source tools I created and maintain are NAppUpdate (for auto-updating .NET applications) and HebMorph (a project for improving Hebrew search). In this blog you'll find code snippets, ideas, thoughts, and just links I had to dump somewhere. Hopefully any of those will prove useful.

I'm available for on-site consultancy and training world-wide on search technologies, Lucene, Elasticsearch and RavenDB. I co-authored the official 2-day RavenDB workshop, and am also delivering a 2-day search course every couple of months (mostly using Elasticsearch - more details here). If you're interested in doing either courses locally, feel free to contact me.

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