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The philosophy behind NAppUpdate

8 min read
About 2 years ago I was building a .NET desktop application, and needed an easy way to allow it to auto-update itself. I looked for libraries that do that, and all I could see was either complicated, commercial, or geared towards a very particular (usually common) use case. I didn't want anything of...

NAppUpdate now has a mailing list

I'm getting a lot of feedback on NAppUpdate, and obviously there's plenty to discuss on how to make it better and bugs-free. So I went ahead and created a mailing list / Google group dedicated to NAppUpdate issues, suggestions and discussions. I'll be posting all future announcements to the list, to...

So, what have I been up to lately?

2 min read
To all of those who asked: NAppUpdate and HebMorph aren't dead. The last few months have been quite hectic for me in several aspects, and this is mainly why I wasn't able to make any real progress with them, not to mention blogging. I still have big plans for both, and several other unrelated plans ...

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