Indexing Hebrew texts for later retrieval is not a trivial task. Although several solutions exist, they don't necessarily provide the best results in terms of relevancy. Either way, there is no freely available solution allowing to index Hebrew even at the very basic level.

HebMorph was started with this in mind. It is a free, open-source effort for making Hebrew properly searchable by various IR software libraries, while maintaining decent recall, precision and relevancy in retrievals. During the work on this project, we will try and come up with different approaches to indexing Hebrew, and provide the tools to perform reliable comparisons between them. This project's ultimate goal is providing various IR libraries with the best Hebrew IR capabilities possible.

Apache Lucene has been selected to be our planning and testing framework. This is thanks to its advanced capabilities, flexibility, and the author's familiarity with it. During these initial steps, .NET code is being written and used with Lucene.Net (a .Net port of Java Lucene). Once the project stabilizes enough, ports to other languages will be followed.

More detailed information on why this project is important can be found in a series of 3 blog posts: Challenges with indexing Hebrew texts (HebMorph, part 1), Finding Hebrew lemmas (HebMorph, part 2) and Open-source Hebrew information retrieval (HebMorph, part 3). The project's roadmap is in the last part.

The new HebMorph home, which is still being populated with content: http://hebmorph.code972.com



Some parts of HebMorph are powered by hspell, copyright (C) 2000-2013, Nadav Har'El and Dan Kenigsberg (http://hspell.ivrix.org.il/).

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Note that not only the programs in the distribution, but also the dictionary files and the generated word lists, are licensed under the AGPLv3. There is no warranty of any kind for the contents of this distribution.

The hspell dictionary files distributed with HebMorph are provided with the license to be used ONLY for search by HebMorph. To get an official hspell distribution under the GPLv2 license, visit their site.

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