Open-source and .NET - it's not picking up

.NET and open-source software. It's not picking up.

I have been sitting on this for a while, and had dozens of discussions about it too. The things I'm about to say here are a result of a journey. Yes, this is criticism; but from a respecting and caring place, coming from a long time OSS contributor in several software ecosystems, including .NET.

I'm posting this with hopes it is perceived as a diagnosis, one that can lead to us getting better at this.


Open-source in .NET is not picking up. Despite good efforts from many good people and companies, it seems as if the Microsoft developers scene is far from embracing open-source. In some cases it could appear as some bodies are even doing quite a bit to destroy what little OSS is already in .NET - probably not on purpose, but still.

Don't get me wrong, there is a quite a bit of OSS activity in .NET lately. From big projects backed by companies (Akka.NET, NServiceBus, and more), to useful libraries and tools (NancyFX, AutoMapper, AutoFac, StructureMap, and more) to influencing powers in the market who are going OSS (Microsoft, GitHub sharing love with .NET people, etc). And OSS focused conferences, like [Do...

Hello Forter!

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