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For many years now the .NET framework and its ecosystem are viewed as a Microsoft thing, where its a product by a company and you either opt to use it (on Windows servers only) or not. Unlike other ecosystems, the community seemed to have no control over the direction the technology takes; the community has to align with Microsoft's view which, as you'd expect, isn't always what the users wanted.

While it was true for many years and some of it still is, things are changing. Many Microsoft projects are now open-source, on github, and accepting Pull Requests. A lot of development is now happening in the open, in that context the weekly ASP.NET Community Standup deserves a mention.

Microsoft is changing, for real. It is my belief that we, as a community, need to step up and strike while the iron is hot to shape the future of the .NET ecosystem.

To that end, I've been involved for a while now in what we call ".NET Fringe". Fringe is us saying just t...

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