The definitive guide for Elasticsearch 2.x on Microsoft Azure

This is an updated version of my blog post from two years ago. It features both the new Azure Portal, and the new Elasticsearch 2.x series. It also incorporates some helpful additions based on my experience since. Thanks to Yves Goeleven for providing some sound Azure advice.


Before we start, it is worth noting there are Elasticsearch installations available from Azure Marketplace. While those are useful, you still might want to deploy your own cluster with your own configurations, to accommodate different sizing or different needs.

Elasticsearch in Azure Marketplace

To highlight the main differences from other guides out there and the approach in this guide:

  1. I prefer running Elasticsearch on Linux VMs as opposed to Windows machines. This is simply because ...

Hello Forter!

After a very interesting and fruitful period of freelancing as a consultant and developer-for-hire, I recently joined Forter's engineering team. While touring the world and working on a diverse projects is fun, Forter's people and technology simply blew my mind. It's actual...

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