Adding Search to Your Applications: Lucene and Elasticsearch on .NET Rocks

This week I had the pleasure of talking to Carl and Richard of the .NET Rocks fame. We had a great discussion on search engine libraries and search servers - where they fit in the general scheme of things, and when and how one should use them.

You can go and listen to the recording here.

A quick run down of the things we discuss:

  • Relational databases like SQL Server have only basic support for full-text search usually, definitely not something you can do a lot of with. And don't even mentioned the horrendous LIKE operator.
  • This also holds true for most NoSQL solutions - if they have full-text support, it is usually limited. For example, language support, relevance ranking and overcoming spelling errors - are all hardly supported if at all.
  • Search engines libraries like Java Lucene and Lucene.NET provide easy to use API to create and embed search functionality in your applications. And they are completely free and open-source (ASL).
  • Search servers like Solr and [Elasticsearch](ht...

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