RavenDB's hidden features

In this article, which got published some time ago in a developers' magazine in Norway, we are going to explore two of the lesser-known features of RavenDB, and show how they can greatly improve your application and your business.

Suggesting alternate spellings for search terms

Imagine the...

Best of my 2013 in pictures

I've had a blast 2013 - been to new cool places, met many amazing new people and learnt a ton of new stuff. Always with me was my Canon 550D, and I was able to catch quite a few nice pictures with it.

Some of the best pictures I took, of the best moments in my year 2013 are shown below. No filter...

I'm looking for my next challenge

A couple of days ago I gave notice, and as soon as I’ve finished wrapping up everything in my current position I’ll be free again and looking for new challenges and experiences.

For the time being I’m NOT looking for any permanent position. First I want to do dedicate my time to some projects - m...

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