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NAppUpdate now has a mailing list

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I'm getting a lot of feedback on NAppUpdate, and obviously there's plenty to discuss on how to make it better and bugs-free.

So I went ahead and created a mailing list / Google group dedicated to NAppUpdate issues, suggestions and discussions. I'll be posting all future announcements to the list, too. All issues with implementing NAppUpdate in your solution, or thoughts on missing features, should be addressed there.

The group is here:

All development work, and feature / issue tracking is on our github repository: Source and binary downloads can be made from there.

Lets make application updates in .NET a breeze.

So, what have I been up to lately?

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To all of those who asked: NAppUpdate and HebMorph aren't dead.

The last few months have been quite hectic for me in several aspects, and this is mainly why I wasn't able to make any real progress with them, not to mention blogging. I still have big plans for both, and several other unrelated plans too. Things are becoming more relaxed now, so hopefully I could find time to work on all the ideas I have running in my head...

I recently joined Ayende's Hibernating Rhinos, and am currently working on RavenDB. So, it is inevitable some NoSQL/RavenDB ideas and posts will pop.

NAppUpdate is working very well for simple uses, which is exactly what I was intending to have when I first started working on it. However, judging by the stats I see there is quite a bit of interest in the tool, and in the features it is yet to offer. So I'm definitely planning on enhancing and improving it as time allows - feel free to jump in if you want to help. Work items I got planned include stabilizing the API and NauXML format, task groups, logging and reporting, UI and better handling of dependencies in tasks execution.

As for HebMorph, well, that is a project I'm deeply in love with, and as such it will be the first to get my attention. I'm getting a lot of positive feedback, but there's still so much work still left to do - even though what we have now is completely functional. I'll be giving a short talk on HebMorph and Hebrew search in Penguin Israel 2011 (location and date TBD), and until then I'm really hoping to get a few surprises ready. Stay tuned, I'll be blogging about them as I go.

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