Practical Hebrew search - Open2011 presentation

Attached with this post is the presentation I gave today at Open2011 in Tel-Aviv.

The sample app can be found here: It is also going to be HebMorph's home in a few weeks when I'll be done generating all the necessary content.

As promised, I will be posting more details on some interested findings on Hebrew search, and comparisons with Google search. I want to have a bit more comprehensive posts about that, so it will be up in a few weeks time.


  • Shalev

    Thanks Itamar, looking forward to those upcoming posts.

    One question: Does the Java port have full feature parity with the .NET version? If I'm working on a project that uses Hebmorph (which I am) should I be using the .NET version if I want the latest and greatest, or can I stick with Java if that fits better.


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