The Apache Iceberg Table Format is the Bright Future of Data Warehousing

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Cloud Computing today is accessible by everyone: anyone can launch a EC2 instance on AWS or write entire systems using Serverless technologies without launching even a single VM. The on-going competition between cloud giants AWS, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure keeps bringing prices down and creating your own full-scale cloud solution is cheaper than ever.

Data Warehouses, however, are by definition not going to be cheap to create and operate. Today, only rich companies or truly data-driven companies can afford to put efforts into launching a real data warehouse. Even fewer are the organizations that run data warehouses in really amazing scales.

It is no surprise then that it is companies like Google, Uber, Netflix and Facebook that are driving innovation in the Data Warehousing space. And by Data Warehousing we mean a solution or platform which let's you run ad-hoc queries on large volumes of data (so called "BigData"); efficient storage of this data; and cataloguing the data in a way that makes it easy to later append or update it.

You shouldn't underestimate th...

SQL on Kafka with Presto (Video)

Presto is a state of the art Distributed SQL Query Engine for BigData, enabling efficient querying on cold data and various data sources. With extended SQL language and features like geospatial queries, joins between different data sources (SQL to join data from HDFS, Elasticsearch, and Kafka anyone...

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