Don't confuse AWS's Open Distro for Elasticsearch with altruism

I just read the recent announcements from AWS on their fresh "Open Distro" of Elasticsearch. Statements like "Keeping Open Source Open" and "it has created uncertainty about the longevity of the open source project as it is getting less innovation focus" drew my attention. We should all be happy someone as big as AWS is caring for Open-Source so much, shouldn't we?

As an Elasticsearch consultant with 8+ years experience with the technology and familiarity with the team behind it, I would suggest some skeptism here.

This is a retalitory move by AWS, because of a recent move by Elastic to put X-Pack (the "enterprise" additions to Elasticsearch) under a license which restricts Amazon from using it. Since AWS Elasticsearch is famously known for being AWS's fastest growing service, Amazon being Amazon would not want to lose their customer base or stay behind with important features, so they opted for writing their X-Pack replacement. And they also decided to release it under the Apache 2 license - which is great!

But it's not the first time AWS are pulling it. Just 2 months ago they did a similar move to Mongo and as TechCrunch have quoted - ["giving open source the middle fing...

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