Running Elasticsearch on Kubernetes

Kubernetes is quickly becoming the de-facto standard for running systems in the cloud and on-premises, and in the last couple of years we at BigData Boutique have had to deploy and support quite a few Elasticsearch clusters on Kubernetes.

Now is probably a good time to reflect on this and have a high-level write up on the topic. How to run Elasticsearch on Kubernetes? should you even do that? and what should you watch out from?

But first, some important basics and concepts.

Kubernetes (Quick) Primer

Kubernetes is a container orchestration technology, which is just a fancy way of saying - it helps you manage and run your packaged applications. It basically looks like this:

Kubernetes Concepts
  • Your application (e.g. blog software) is built and packaged within a Container.
  • The containerized application is deployed to Kubernetes, and runs within a Pod.
  • A Deployment is a Kubernetes concept for managing Pods and their properties, such as how many replicas of said Pod to run.
  • A Service is...

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