Elasticsearch new features: 2020 year in review

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What a year 2020 has been! Social distancing and a lot of very weird situations. For some it was a year full of difficulties, and hopefully a lot of growth and some good things too.

It has definitely been an interesting year for Elasticsearch. Many things happened, new features added and the product evolved significantly. We wanted to recap and share highlights of new features and usage recommendation. This post is about the things we consider as big changes, and important steps forward, based on our experience and what we see as important while actively working with hundreds of customers on Elasticsearch clusters of all shapes and sizes, from full-text search to log analytics and anomaly detection.

As always, upgrading to a more recent Elasticsearch version will grant you significant performance boosts, depending on your usage. This year as well, Elasticsearch has seen many performance and memory optimizations, most notably in the 7.8 and 7.9 releases. Those are too many and too low-level to list in detail here, so we won't.

In this post we will focus on high-level technical details th...

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