Pulse for Elasticsearch and OpenSearch - Product Updates January 2023

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Let’s cut to the chase. Every Elasticsearch and OpenSearch user and administrator, whether on a managed platform or self-hosted, knows this feeling - endlessly hoping the cluster keeps up and doesn’t crash, and dreading the on-call alert in the middle of the night that demands action - which is often not clear - on a crashed cluster or degraded performance.

What if I told you this no longer has to be your reality?

Rather than being frustrated with your Elasticsearch or OpenSearch deployment, or wasting your time and most likely paying more for it than you really should be - wouldn't you prefer to just never worry about the cluster and have it stable as a rock with consistent performance, no crashes, and at the right cost?

Enter Pulse

Our vision for Pulse is simple – you should be able to focus 100% of your attention on your business and product and never worry about becoming an expert on Elasticsearch or OpenSearch.

Pulse is the fruit of 10+ years of consulting, developing, managing, and contributing to Elasticsearch - and later OpenSearch as well. The truth is that Pulse is a produc...

SQL on Kafka with Presto (Video)

Presto is a state of the art Distributed SQL Query Engine for BigData, enabling efficient querying on cold data and various data sources. With extended SQL language and features like geospatial queries, joins between different data sources (SQL to join data from HDFS, Elasticsearch, and Kafka anyone...

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